my journey

My name is Tonia. Over the last decade, I’ve been on a rollercoaster of a wellness journey, and I’m sure I am not alone. Five years ago, I hit what I thought was my personal best, but quickly realized it was not maintainable and trying to hold onto that superficial wellness not healthy. While I looked great from the outside, the inside wasn’t in its best shape and I was beating myself up for the smallest “mistakes.”

Since then, I’ve come to a great place with my health and wellness in what I call being imperfectly balanced. I’ve been sharing my story and guidance for years with friends and family, and am now opening up that support in a public space through coaching, community, media, and blog posts.


I am here to share my health and wellness journey and support others through theirs. Imperfect AF acknowledges the beauty of imperfection that exists within us as humans. Focusing on lasting and realistic lifestyle choices, and the uniqueness each of us is gifted with, I want to help everyone fall in love their body and be present in their everyday lives. 

my view on health

To me, health is everything that can impact our bodies. With so much pressure to focus on calories, the perfect diet, or the perfected gym routine, we tend to lose sight of stress, sleep, and the perfect balance of all these interconnected elements.